photo courtesy of Bill Reckert

Marshall Artz

Dynamic Acoustic Americana

Marshall Artz is a guitar duo performing a distinctive original blend of Americana, Indie Folk and Blues forged together with in a powerful acoustic style. Their performances blend two guitars into a rhythmic and melodic mix that suggests a full band rather than just two guitars.

It is clear to see and hear why this dynamic duo is a driving force in the modern world of acoustic music.” - Len Jaffe

— Martin Guitar Sounding Board Magazine

Latest News

2024 and More Music   

Another year of music is here with Marshall Artz performing live at Jammin' Java in Vienna, Virginia on Friday March 15th.  We're looking forward to seeing you there!  The show kicks off at 7:00  with songs from our newest album and acoustic favorites.  We are followed by the remarkable Fabulous Dialtones for a full night of great music.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Under October Stars  

The time has come to enjoy autumn sunsets and warming firepits under October stars.  And there is more time to spend under the stars with longer nights and shorter days.  Cozy up by the fire and sing along with your favorite songs.  Enjoy the award winning Marshall Artz song Muddy Boots as a free download - “Don't wait another minute.”

Smoking Summer Days  

Smoke from Canadian wildfires, smoke from Fourth of July Fireworks, smoke from barbeque cookouts and camping trip somemores fire pits is catching our attention these Summer days.  Keep a cold beverage close by and celebrate the season. Marshall Artz is spending quality creative time at the beach and enjoying every minute.  Music makes the world go around so keep your Marshall Artz playlist streaming! 

Magnolias, Memories and Marshall Artz  

Bright white sweet scented magnolia blossoms adorn the trees.  This is a sure sign of heat on the way.  Pools open and Summer begins.  Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the season.  There's music in the air and out and about town.  Marshall Artz is polishing new songs and preparing for recording studio work ahead.  Make sure to bring your Marshall Artz playlist with you to the pool and everywhere else your heart may roam.  That's sure to bring a smile to your face!

March 20th Vernal Equinox  

March 20th is a new beginning with the Vernal Equinox!  Daylight and Nighttime even out and the sun begins to give us more of its warmth.  Get ready to spend more time outside and bring along your favorite Marshall Artz music to brighten your day. We are working on songs for our next album.  Keep your ears open for new music. Looking forward to seeing you out in the Springtime sunshine soon. 

New Year Days to Celebrate  

Celebrating 2023 has begun.  Keep the spirit of new every day this year.  Marshall Artz is looking forward to getting back into the recording studio with new songs for a new release,  We can't wait to see you out and about this year,  Keep an eye on band posts on Facebook for videos and a song a day music releases,  In with the new and renew the old by visiting our website and listening to all the Marshall Artz music on your favorite streaming platform or right from the MUSIC tab at the site. Peace and prosperity from us to you throughout 2023!

Last Splash of October Color Greets November  

The trees are jammin' out with a loud burst of color on the East Coast of USA.  A Rocktoberfest shout with leaves. Turning towards November weather and a larger view of the sky through bare trees with a reminder of how we fit into the grand expanse of the universe.  Harmony is how we fit into existence with the least resistance. Sing along with the song.