Latest Marshall Artz News

May not Perform in May  

Our month of May shows have been cancelled by the Governor of Virginia for good cause.  We miss you.  Seeing you further on down the road and healthy is worth the wait.  But don't wait to hear Marshall Artz because you can find our music on your favorite streaming and download platforms or here at our web site.  If you are stuck at home you should spend your time in good company.  Listening to good music makes you feel good!  Peace to everyone until we meet again.

April Attitude 

Spring is here showing off long slumbering colors, growing with every rain shower and sun shower.  This April is unlike any in recent memory.  Music has moved from bringing people together in local venues to bringing the artist's music room into your home venue via the internet.  Music always brings people together and is the best vehicle for building hope and inspiration in hard times.  Turn on your favorite music source and tap into the energy that flows from soul to soul one song into the next.  Be aware, take care and look forward to when we all meet again at the gig down the street.     

March to the Music  

March is getting brighter with Eastern Standard Time turning to Daylight Savings Time.  Brad and Kevin are taking advantage of this and spending some time on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean shores.  There is inspiration calling to us out there.  Take us with you wherever your travels take you this month.  Even if it is getting to work and home again.  Keep your stress level low by streaming or downloading Marshall Artz.  New music is brewing in the recording studio so keep and ear open for some  previews of coming attractions. 

Marshall Artz Keepin' On 

Marshall Artz is back on the Brew Trail 151 on January 31st performing from 6-9 at Bold Rock Cidery.  Bold Rock is offering craft draught beer along with their excellent draught hard apple cider selection.  Brad and Kevin are energized and ready to put a smile on your face and get your toes tapping.  Mid-month February we are back in Cue Studios to continue our recording adventure.  Then on Saturday, February 22nd we will be at The Edge at Wintergreen Resort from 8:30 to 11:30.  We can't wait to see you out and about again, up close and personal!

Movin' On 

Thanks to everyone who came to Bold Rock on January 3rd and kicked off the New Year with us.   Being the last band of 2019  and the first band of 2020 to play there was a privilege and a hoot!  You came, joined in the fun, sang and injected positive energy into the show.  Nothing is better than seeing your smiling faces up close when we walk into the audience while we're playing!  

The year 2020 will be full of opportunity to see and hear us play.  On January 12th Kevin is playing solo in a showcase for The World Folk Music Association in Bethesda, Maryland.  Check out their website at for details and ticket information.  This is an intimate showcase featuring the best music in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC area.  Kevin will be featuring instrumentals from his two solo CD releases,"One" and "Love is a Verb" as well as songs from the Marshall Artz catalog. 

On January 17th Marshall Artz is reunited for a performance at Wintergreen Resort outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.  This is a peak experience at The Edge with high energy and you joining us for a memorable evening at the top of the mountain.   We always enjoy seeing you there!  Make plans for a weekend in the mountains and you can enjoy seeing us there too.

January 23rd will find us in Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA for a recording session towards our forthcoming release.  We call it an album or CD but it will be available in all digital formats for the enjoyment of one and all. We are journeying together "Every Step of the Way" on this musical adventure. Thank-you for accompanying us on our way!



Years of Music with Marshall Artz 

Here we are heading into the second decade of the 21st Century together.  Thanks for coming every step of the way with us on our musical journey.  The journey is to be continued in 2020 with a new CD release from Marshall Artz and plenty of opportunity to join us for live performances.  Stay in tune with us at our web site and on Facebook for upcoming events and posts,  Wishing you all peace and prosperity throughout the New Year.   

November Embers 


Wood burning in the fireplace warms the room conjuring pictures from the past and visions of the future. Our eyes are drawn to the flickering flames sparking imagination. This is a month for family, friends and Thanksgiving. Marshall Artz is celebrating at private parties and family gatherings. We are also spending time recording at Cue Studios in Falls Church, Virginia digging in on tracks for our next release. Enjoy every moment this month has to offer. Keep the music turned up loud and a smile on your face! See you again soon.

Rock in October 

October started out sizzling hot! Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. Cool weather is around the corner, though, and that means perfectly comfortable conditions for outdoor shows like our upcoming Barrel Barn performance at Bold Rock. Friday, October 25th we are playing from 6 until 9 bringing everything we've got to rock the start of your weekend. But that is just the start. On Saturday, October 26th, we will be at The Edge at Wintergreen Resort from 8 until 11 warmed up and ready to keep the music rolling. We're looking forward to spending the weekend with all of you! See you there.