Latest Marshall Artz News

Fast February Fly By  

This short month of February has been full of quick cold weather events reminding us that Winter is still with us.  There are only 28 days this month and they have flown by.  Only 20 days after we enter the month of March is the first day of Spring!  The trees will be budding and flowers opening to show us Nature's gentle slide into warmer days.  A new season means new music from Marshall Artz.  Our last studio date at Cue is the first week in March and puts us on track for a Spring release.  We can't wait to share it all with you!  In the meantime be well.  Keep a song in your heart and a smile on your face.   

Mid January Jam   

January jammin' is virtual and long distance with folks tuning in to concerts broadcast from somewhere other than the club down the street.  For some of  us January jammin' is lounging around in our jammies all day long with nowhere to go.  Get out your guitar, put on some music and play along.  If you don't have a guitar just tap your feet and drum around on the kitchen table,  Tune into Marshall Artz videos on YouTube or Vimeo and get that band in the club down the street feeling again! Hover on the Photos tab and click on the Video button at this web site to save some time,  Be well and treat yourself to a bright start to the New Year!

November Ember Glow  

This coming week is one of Thanksgiving in the USA as we focus on the good we share together with our families and fellow citizens.  Unlike the celebrations in years past we are celebrating close to home and in smaller numbers.  That doesn't mean the sentiment is diminished but perhaps refocused.  Maybe the amps aren't turned up to 11 but the music is still playing!  Let the music play on. May we experience harmony in our response to the challenges facing us all as we roll into the fireside days of Autumn and Winter.  The ember glow will warm our hearts and quicken our spirits in time with the acoustic music filling our ears this season.  Brad and Kevin a.k.a. Marshall Artz wish you peace, hope, love and happiness throughout this holiday season.

October Splash of Color  

October  is busting out with color here in the Mid-Atlantic region of Virginia.  From the piedmont to the top of the mountains there is a veritable blooming of Fall foliage.  If you needed an excuse to go for a drive you have one now,  Music is the perfect companion on the road,  Tune in to the sounds and sights and let your face break into a smile. Wave when we pass each other out there!

Autumn Equinox  

One big world seems smaller when we all share equal day and night on our incessant circling around the sun.  Cooler days conspire to excite our senses.  Spend some more time outside with a guitar around a firepit.  Roast some marshmallows and wash them down with a hot toddy or two.  Staying home doesn't mean staying inside.  Be well and keep a song in your heart to put a smile on your face.   

August Summer Spirit  

August is rolling on towards the beginning of Autumn. The firecracker heat of July has surrendered and this month has been good for enjoying outdoor pursuits.  Pour your favorite summer drink and play good music to lift your spirit.  Quench your thirst and raise a glass to hope and peace.  We're looking forward to trading smiles with you out and about somewhere down the road. Be well.  

Pandemic Pandemonium Protection  

Sunday July, 19th, The Harris Pavilion Virtual Sunday Concert Series of Manassas, Virginia is presenting a performance by Kevin Artz of the duo Marshall Artz. The show will be available on You Tube and can be accessed through the link on The Harris Pavilion Facebook page or web site. 

Brad and Kevin want to give a shout out to everyone who came to hear us on July 10th at Chiles Peach Orchard in Crozet, Virginia and at the Barrel Barn stage at Bold Rock on July 11th in Nellysford, Virginia.  Live shows are few and far between these days and we were so glad to see everyone!  Be well and be on the lookout for new music from Marshall Artz.  Peace.  

Go Fourth  

Happy July 4th to everyone! Some Summer independence is happening around us.  Marshall Artz is playing a live show on Friday July 10th at Chiles Peach Orchard!  Bold Rock's Orchard Jams is a free weekly live music series at Chiles Peach Orchard located at 1351 Greenwood Road in Crozet, Virginia.  Cold bevs and good food available with music from 5:30 to 8:30p.m. at the outdoor stage. Check out the Shows tab for directions to the venue.

Then on Saturday July 11th come to hear Marshall Artz at Bold Rock in Nellysford for more live music.  Bold Rock is located at 1020 Rockfish Valley Highway.  We begin at the Barrel Barn at 1:00 and are looking forward to seeing you there again.

We are very happy to be returning to Northern Virginia on July 19th in Manassas for the Harris Pavilion. We will be performing from 3:00 to 4:30 for a grand afternoon show. This may be a virtual concert broadcast.  We'll fill you in on the details as we get closer to the event.

July also finds us back at CUE Studios in Falls Church, Virginia in a recording session for our forthcoming album.

Looking forward to seeing you out and about this month! Peace to all.  Stay well until we meet again.

Hold On  

Here, in the middle of June, we hope everyone is hanging in there on this strange pandemic ride.  There is still a hold on our live shows.  That means we will not be playing at Brent Manor VIneyards on June 20th.  Don't let that keep you from going there and tasting their excellent wine selection.  You will be happy you did.  Marshall Artz will be there in spirit.  Just glance at the stage and imagine us there with you.  We are looking forward to a return performance in 2021!  We are hoping to see you in July.  Fingers crossed - knock on wood...  In the meantime be sure to make music your primary mental health maintenance program.